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seen. >> our suspect's name is james eagan holmes. within roughly one minute to a minute and a half, police officers apprehended mr. holmes in the back of the theater. we are confident that he ancted alone. >> such evil is senseless. it is beyond reason. >> it is an absolute horror for all of those people who were in those theaters, and their families. our hearts go out to them. >> a dark night that will never be forgotten, and the search for answers to the tragedy in colorado. good evening. i'm ann curry here in aurora, colorado. a community reeling from that deadly shooting overnight in the theater just behind me. here are the latest numbers from police. 12 people were killed. 59 people were wounded. some of them remain in critical condition at this hour. we begin tonight with the very latest. tonight, it is not just aurora, colorado, in stunned disbelief, it is an entire nation. nearly 18 1/2 hours after the deadly rampage at this multiplex in suburban denver, police here are still trying to make some sense of a senseless act of violence. the alleged gunman is in custody. he's be
is in custody. he's been identified as 24-year-old james eagan holmes. he lived in this apartment building and tonight police are still searching there for explosives. aurora police chief daniel oates. >> and our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various incendiary devices and apparent trip wires. >> reporter: until recently, james holmes attended graduate school at the university of colorado denver where he was studying psychiatric and neurological disorders. he spent his high school years in a well to do neighborhood of san diego, where neighbors said he was quiet and kept to himself. from 2006 to 2010, holmes attended the university of california riverside, chancellor timothy white says holmes graduated with the highest honors with a degree in neuroscience. >> he had a merit-based scholarship while he was here. and then he moved on to colorado for graduate work. >> reporter: so far, police are not releasing anything about a motive. but they say it seems holmes acted alone. >> however, we will do a thorough investigation to be absolutely sure that is the c
holmes versus tom cruise. what's behind it? >> so there's really almost a third person in that marrie? the third person being the church? >> absolutely. >> the church. >> i really like it. and i think it's really wonderful. >> or something else? josh menkowicz with inside details. >> that's something that tom cruise has never, ever encountered before. >> on the movie marriage that's gone way off script. >>> also tonight, they were at the end of their rope. something was wrong with their son. >> my child was broken. i just wanted it fixed. >> and when he was six, this was the fix. joey became josie. >> did you feel like you were trapped in the wrong body? >> yeah. >> how old do you think you were when you started feeling like that. >> always. i always knew. >> a transgender child. can it really happen to someone this young? >> you're talking about giving you hormones and doing blockers and all that kind of stuff. is that something that you want to do? >> yes. >> and are these parents doing the right thing? >> most people feel like you ought to wait until a child is much older. >> hoda
-life split of katie holmes and tom cruise. friends say there's a lot more at stake than a movie star breakup. a child's fate hangs in the balance. tonight, inside details about the divorce drama. here's josh menkowicz. >> reporter: he's the guy who climbed that super sonic speed to the top of the hollywood heap and stayed there. >> tom cruise kind of is the ultimate movie star on this planet. >> reporter: she's the sweet young thing who pulled off her own mission impossible and married the star who was her teenage crush. >> i'm more and more in love every day. and it's like, wow! a hollywood fairytale playing out in real life. and then, just as suddenly, the fairytale was over. >> big news out of hollywood tonight. celebrity couple tom cruise and katie holmes are splitting up. >> reporter: katie holmes' bombshell, that she'd filed for divorce from tom cruise after five years of marriage, caught everyone off guard. including, apparently, her movie star husband. >> katie holmes behavior is as though she were escaping from alcatraz, from an open prison. >> reporter: the speculation was immediat
. >> some shouting now. >> james holmes' apartment, we know he had loud music playing. we've heard maybe it was on a timer set to play around midnight. the question i have, is did he start playing loud techno music to draw a cop call and therefore set off all the booby traps there were laid out? >> i understand the theory, but we can't possibly know what he intended to do right now. i've been told by the bomb experts that had someone opened the door, it would have triggered the device and would have killed or severely injured who opened the door and would have started a very big fire. that would have been a big challenge for our fire department. >> if that happened before the theater incident, that could have diverted a lot of your resources? >> potentially, yes. two simultaneous crises at once. >> this area has been through three major shootings in the last 13 years. >> this law enforcement community and the larger community, was shaped by columbine in a way that i'm not sure people realize around the rest of the country. we practice and practice and situations. we were all ready and vi
in colorado is about the suspect, james holmes. what motivated him? perhaps investigators can learn more after the big event yesterday, a controlled detonation in his apartment. it was completely booby trapped and now investigators can get inside. joining me now live, the governor of colorado, john hickenlooper. governor, welcome. i speak for so many when i offer my condolences and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the victims' families and all coloradoans going through such a difficult time. tell me your thoughts this morning. >> well, i think we're all a little fractured and certainly we appreciate the support. i mean the state -- the state is heartbroken. i think hemingway says the world breaks us all, but afterward, we're stronger in the broken places. i think that's what we heard in the hospitals yesterday. we went to many of the hospitals and visited families and the victims. and there was a buoyancy or a resill aer resiliency where people were not going to let this define their life, they were going to fight back. >> there is your experience as a mayor and now governor nothing
. >> katie holmes versus tom cruise. what's really behind it? >> so there's really almost a third person in that marriage, the third person being the marriage? >> absolutely. >> and what's coming next. >> this is an incredibly unusual situation, for a man who's controlled everything in his life. >> inside the looming battle. >> it's a risky business when the new chocolate chip frappé from mccafé. every bit as delicious as the mccafé frappés you love, only this one has a bit more wow. bits of chocolate chips in every sip, blended into mocha and caramel, all topped with a double drizzle of chocolate and sweet caramel. you've never had a frappé like this. better get your hands on one quick, 'cause it's only here for a little bit. the simple joy of the perfect sip. the radical new macbook pro with retina display. ♪ innovation...in every dimension. ♪ nice'n easy colorblend foam is winning top beauty awards hands down! with beautiful tones and highlights... no other foam lasts longer. and no other foam is product of the year. check out colorblend foam. only from nice'n easy. about how
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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